Are you basing your future on the past history of the stock market?
Is your advisor using that past history to project your future performance?

Find out how we can help you manage risk and increase your chance of success.

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In my capacity as an Investment Advisor Representative for Mader & Shannon Wealth Management Services, I am able to handle the full range of equity investments to include stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. I assist families and individuals plan for all phases of life, specializing in retirement:

  • How much do you need to save now in order to retire at your current income?
  • For retired families; assisting with guidance on how to avoid outliving their assets?
  • Are you still invested in the same old high risk mutual funds?
  • Have you adjusted the risk profile of your investments?

I will help you review the performance and risk profile of your current investments and review options that are appropriate for you and your family. I always strive to reduce risks, reduce taxes, reduce costs and increase the performance of your investments.

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